Our New Community Home!

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Hello, my beautiful sisters! I would like to finally announce something that excites me greatly and I've been wanting to do for a long time now. Drum roll please...

We have a forum!

Yes, indeed! A Beauty Glorious now has an online message board community at www.abeautyglorious.proboards.com. While of course you're welcome to keep commenting on the blogs, the forum is the place for you to dive deeper in discussing these things with other girls from all over the world, to share ideas and experiences and learn from each other. Also, it's definitely the place to talk about random things and have fun and get to know each other. I've been part of a certain message board for almost four years now, and I can tell you that while we came together to talk about our favorite author, we have since talked about everything under the sun and have become an incredibly close knit family. :) It may be the internet, but you'd be amazed at how tight the community can be. That's what I'm hoping for this new forum.

I've set it up so that you can't see the board until you register an account. It will send a code to your email, and then you can use that code to confirm your account and get you inside to post on the board. This way, we'll have some privacy and can feel safer talking about whatever we want. To that same end, I'm asking that no guys join the forum. We love you, but this is sacred girl space. :) Please do keep commenting on the blog, though, we know you're interested too and we love to hear your thoughts!

So welcome to our next adventure! Come on in and let's get the party started! :D

Grace and peace,


PS- As always, you can email abeautyglorious@gmail.com with any questions.