Epic Giveaway -- Literally

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I’m not gonna lie: all of the ideas in my most recent blog were inspired by John Eldredge’s book Epic: The Story God is Telling. It’s a small book and a really quick read, but it’s been one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read. I’d love to give you a copy! Leave a comment telling me your favorite book or movie, and if you want you can also tell me how you see the Great Story reflected in it. (You’ll also need to leave me your email address so I can get a hold of you.) I’ll randomly choose one of these comments to win a copy of Epic. Sound good?

Yay, our first giveaway, I’m excited! I’m actually hoping to do more giveaways in the future. I have some pretty exciting ideas, but if you have an idea of a book/movie/cd or something else that you’d like to win, leave that in your comment too, or you can email me at abeautyglorious@gmail.com. That will also give you another entry into the Epic giveaway.

I’ll announce the winner with my regular Wednesday blog in two weeks, so you have until Tuesday, March 16.

Sweet! Thanks, ladies, have an amazing day! :)



Leanna said...

The Bible!
;) I guess the Great Story is a little too obvious in that book.

Lots of favs are coming to mind but none of them are very subtle. Let me spin my mind over it for a little longer.

One Small Voice said...

My favorite book is Twilight.;) Edward loves Bella unconditionally and irrevocably, and Bella feels the same way, even thoughs she's amazed that someone as amazing as Edward could love her, an ordinary klutz.
I can see the Great *Love* Story playing out through this...though Twilight isn't about God, I know that I'm like Bella and Jesus is like Edward -- only better! -- pursuing me and loving me even though I don't deserve His love.

My email address is girlsforgodblog@yahoo.com

I think it'd be cool if you did a "Lies Young Women Believe" book giveaway. I'd love to read that book!

Karis said...

You're so creative Caitlyn! :) Ahh, so many favourite books it's hard to pick one! I'd have to say my favourite though is the Circle series. ;) I love how Ted wrote the Great Romance, and I love how he used colours and metaphors and made God's love for us come alive through his characters. :) Yep yep. <3
I agree with the post above me about Twilight as well. Very good thoughts. :)
My email, sapphiraadi@elyonscircle.com.